Private PO Boxes for Letter Exchange

The world is getting smaller. People as a whole are much more mobile than ever before. Our Private P.O.Boxes provide one place for two people to access the letters you write each other, when traditional mail won’t do. Create an archive to visit and revisit as you travel or are unavailable to get these letters mailed to you. We’ll maintain a private physical archive as well, accessible at your request.


Mailing Services

Your thoughts and words deserve special handling and care, beginning from their point of origin. Let us mail your Love Letters, Wedding Invitations, Valentine’s Day greetings or any other declarations of love and emotion from Romance. What better starting point is that? Tell us what you want to send and how and we’ll work with you to get it there on time and in style.


Letter Writing Tutorials

If our “How To” page isn’t enough to jumpstart your creative side, schedule some time with our time to take your thoughts further. Your love letter still needs to come from you. We’ll talk about your letter, your love and get you on your way to artfully crafting your ideal masterpiece.


Introductions Through Letter Writing

The world is indeed a smaller place. At times, though, it seems we are seemingly more isolated than ever. We work remotely, we binge watch our favorite shows and “Netflix and chill.” True connections elude us. Instead swiping right and left, write a letter…a love letter. Write it the love that will ultimately connect deeply with you. No pictures, no instant messaging. No winks or pokes. No text messaging. Write. Then read what is written back. Then write again! See where it goes. $4.99/month to write and read. $9.99/month to write, read and respond in a private setting.


Family/Love Letter Archival

Have your great-grandparents love letters? Did your grandparents write to each other when separated by work or by the Great War? Who gets to keep them? Where do they stay? Are they safe? How can the whole family get to enjoy them? Would other people enjoy them as well? Let us archive and protect them. We’ll keep the originals safely stored or send them back to you, keeping the digital archive. Keep them private for your family or make them public.


Famous/Historic Collections

Check back as we collect love letters from historic figures from all corners of the world. Share your favorites as well. Explore the words and feelings from different places and times.